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*** EMailing your city officials is now easier and more flexible ***
*** You also have the option to send your EMail to local newspapers ***

Please Note the Following: When you elect to EMail your City Officials from this page, your normal EMail page should appear with the Officials' address already filled in. In addition, there will be another Email address added that will go to the Redondo Life site, basically "cc-ing" your message to us as well. This is done automatically so we can keep count of the Emails sent to City Officials.  Please be aware that once your Email composition window comes up, you may add, delete and/or change any of the destinations indicated in the EMail's "To:" area if you desire to do so. Any Email addresses that Redondo Life receives from this page will not be forwarded (sold, traded, given or otherwise) to any other party - your Email privacy is respected and will not be compromised.

When Emailing your City Officials, please consider the following list when writing your letter:
Note:  If you'd like to learn more about
1) Indicate whether you are a voting resident of Redondo Beach - including your name and District number if so, or if you are a frequent visitor from a neighboring city, etc.
2) State clearly and briefly what you think about current issues affecting the City, that the City Council will have to consider at some time in the future.  Such issues may include the following:
      > Your concerns regarding bad business and policy decisions that would result in overdevelopment of our waterfront, along with loss of waterfront controls and lease income for many years to come.
      > Your support for a rational approach to zoning changes and growth - and not wholesale, short-sighted decisions that have
         negative long-term effects on the local population, Legado and Cape POint Seabreeze being examples.
      > Concerns regarding the Redondo School District efforts to sell or lease school property for residential use, and how
         the school district should not sell-off  its assets, and how converting schools to more homes is a contradiction of incentives.
      > Concerns regarding proposed waterfront development that would result in more waterfront hotels, hundreds of thousands of
         square feet of retail space, and literally a "Shopping Mall" covering our waterfront views and access,
         including multi-story office buildings in the beachfront area along Harbor Drive.  Also that crowds, parking deficiencies,
         reduced public access, and increased designation for private and semi-private use are not in the public's interest.
      > Your support for a Public Park at the power plant site that was passed by a public vote years ago, and how City Officials need to do all
         they can to make this become a reality - including working with agencies and conservancies that offer their help and expertise.

3) Discuss any other issues and concerns you might have regarding growth, schools, and other issues in our city.
4) Ask that the recipient(s) respond to your Email.

Mayor and City Council members of Redondo Beach...

Steve Aspel
Page on City Website

District 1
Martha Barbee
Page on City Website

District 2
Bill Brand
Page on City Website

District 3
Christian Horvath
Page on City Website

District 4
Stephen Sammarco
Page on City Website

District 5
Laura Emdee
Page on City Website

Select to whom you'd like to send an EMail from the list below.  To de-select or re-select someone, click on the associated check-box.  All of those with a "check" in their check-box will be included as destinations for your EMail.
NOTE - You may also optionally select any of the local newspapers indicated to which you'd like to also send the EMail.

Mayor and City Council Members (pictured above)...

Mayor Steve Aspel
District #1 Council Member Martha Barbee
District #2 Council Member Bill Brand
District #3 Council Member Christian Horvath
District #4 Council Member Stephen Sammarco
District #5 Council Member Laura Emdee

Planning Commission Members...
The Redondo Beach Planning Commission consists of seven members. The current members of the Planning Comission are:
        Tom Gaian, District 1
        David Goodman, District 1
        Doug Rodriguez, District 2
        Wayne Ung, District 3
        Marc Mitchell, District 3
        Phillip Sanchez, District 4
        Nicholas Biro, District 5
There are no published EMail addresses for the above Planning Commission members.  However, you may send an EMail to the Planning Commission through their official liason, Aaron Jones.
Send EMail to Planning Commission c/o Aaron Jones
          Click Here to Open the City's "Planning Commission" Page

Redondo Beach Planning Department...

Aaron Jones, Community Development Director
Anita Kroeger, Associate Planner
Alex Plascencia, Assistant Planner
Marianne Gastelum, Assistant Planner
Joanne Salcido, Code Enforcement Officer
Lina Portolese, Planning Technician
  Click Here to Open the City's "Contact Planning Staff" Page

Redondo Beach City Manager and City Attorney...

Joe Hoefgen, Interim City Manager
          Click Here to Open the "City Manager's Office" Page
Mike Webb, City Attorney
          Click Here to Open the "City Attorney's Office" Page

Local Newspapers - Letters to the Editor...
The Easy Reader
The Daily Breeze
The Los Angeles Times
 __ The Beach Reporter will accept letters addressed to:
                    "What do you think?"
                    The Beach Reporter
                    P. O. Box 1329
                    Manhattan Beach, CA  90266
Feel free to print the EMail you create here and mail it to them.

After selecting your destinations above...

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