Links to the California Coastal Commission (CCC)...

California Coastal Commission website is the place to visit to see what the California Coastal Commission does, what their meeting schedule is, recent press releases, programs, and much more. The California Coastal Commission must approve the proposed effects that the Redondo Beach City Council's Heart of the City Specific Plan requests. Go to this site to learn about the CCC, how they are involved, and how you can get involved in their review and approval process.

California Coastal Act information page has legal and legislative information, including downloadable pdf versions of the California Coastal Act. Go to this site to download your own copy of the act for your review.

Links relating to Redevelopment...

Redevelopment: The Unknown Government is a site where you can read about what dangers there are for the tax-paying public in the provisions made for Redevelopment Agencies and their Redevelopment Districts. is the home page for the "Redevelopment" site, where you can find a lot of other information related to redevelopment - its successes, problems and consequences.  As you explore the site, you'll notice that there are many credible city and state officials that have been, and continue to be, involved in this on-going effort to education the public about Redevelopment.

Definition of Blight discusses how this term is defined and used within a Redevelopment District toward changing the landscape.

Related Redevelopment Law has information regarding how the law is involved in giving the Redevelopment Agency it's powers.

Links relating to local community organizations in Redondo Beach...

Rescue our Waterfront is a community organization dedicated to reducing the overdevelopment of our waterfront.  They also have a facebook page.

Save the Riviera is a local community group concerned with keeping the quality of life in South Redondo and the Riviera Village shopping area - most actively concerning the Legado and Cape Point Sea Breeze Plaza Projects:
      Riviera Neighborhood Emphasis website
      Riviera Village Emphasis website
      Facebook page

South Bay Parkland Conservancy advocates more parks for our communities and neighborhoods - and not turning over prime lands for such to developers.

Building a Better Redondo is another local community website focused on Redondo Beach quality of life issues, including over-development.

Current and past development efforts and parties in Redondo Beach...

CenterCal Properties is the developer currently taking on the hyper-development of the waterfront.
Their current effort concerning Redondo Beach can be found here.

Legado Companies project for the NE corner of PCH and PV Blvd in Redondo Beach.

The Cape Point Sea Breeze Plaza on the N side of PCH about 1 block E of Prospect.

The Heart of the City website is the project's official website where you can learn a lot about the Heart of the City, as well as download the Heart of the City Specific Plan, the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR), and other related documents.

The City of Redondo Beach Planning Division is responsible for the city planning, and for drafting the Heart of the City Specific Plan.

Redondo Beach City Council Agenda and Minutes is maintained by the Redondo Beach City Clerk and is available for review for seeing the agenda(s) for upcoming City Council meetings.

The Redondo Beach Office of the City Clerk web page is a place where you can access public documents and contact City Officials. is the official website of the City of Redondo Beach.

The Redondo Beach City Clerk's Records Page is the place to see some pictures of what Old Redondo Beach really looked like.

Information regarding the upcoming Redondo Beach Election.