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February 8, 2017

*** Waterfront Overdevelopment with Revenue Losses to City Hot Item for Election ***

Upcoming Redondo Beach Election will help determine whether the City embarks on a foolhardy Waterfront Over-Development project that will actually rob the City of revenues for many, many years, and force out many, if not all, of the current tenants that we've come to know as part of the Redondo Pier environment, or whether we move in a slow and controlled fashion, developing responsibly to the community and City coffers.  If you really care about the future of Redondo Beach and its waterfront, and not simply interested in selling it off to a bunch of high-rollers that have no economic nor binding committment to the community, consider voting for the following as follows (visit the indicated sites for more information):

        Redondo Beach Mayor - Bill Brand website
        District 1 Council - Nils Nehrenheim website
        District 2 Council - Todd Loewenstein website
        District 4 Council - Suzy Royds website
        Measure C - YES website

Please also visit the following websites for more information regarding measure C and the candidates:

        Rescue Our Waterfront
        Save the Riviera
        South Bay Parkland Conservancy

Stay tuned - - - more to come soon ...

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