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As of November 2, 2010...

Be Sure To VOTE Tuesday, November 2nd !!

Be sure to vote 'NO' on measure G.  Measure G, if passed, would provide for massive waterfront development, and is being disguised as 'For Our Future' and 'For Our Children'.

Measure G is supported by the same people who brought you the massive Heart of The City a few years ago.  The prior Heart of the City campaign was supported by Councilmen Kilroy and Aspel (as Planning Commission members), Councilman Aust (as the Fire Chief), and Mayor Gin (as a Councilman), while Councilman Diels, who also emphatically supports Measure G, was nowhere to be found during those Heart of the City discussions.

In contrast, District 2 Councilman Bill Brand was engaged in the efforts against the Heart of the City - as it did not provide for proper and honest public notification and a vote.  What we need is a realistic and proper plan formulated with public notification and input - THEN a vote of the public with honest and straight-forward information presented.

For more information, visit http://www.BuildingABetterRedondo.org.

As of October 29, 2008...

Be Sure To VOTE Tuesday, November 4th !!

One VERY Important Issue On The Ballot is MEASURE DD - - Vote YES on DD, and NO on EE !!

This election has seen unprecedented manipulation and dishonesty in order to misrepresent the public initiative represented in Measure DD, and trick the public into thinking that the City Council-proposed Measure EE is thh better of the two.  It is not.

When casting your vote, please keep the following in mind:
  • Measure DD was the initiative that the public worked for MONTHS to get qualified, gathering over 8,000 signatures in the process.
  • Measure EE was created by the City Council solely in response to the successful qualification of EE - Steve Diels even stated that they would not have introduced it if DD did not qualify fo rthe ballot.
  • Measure DD took months, hundreds and hundreds of dollars in costs, and hundreds of hours of volunteer effort to get on the ballot.
  • Measure EE took one City Council meeting to approve and get on the ballot - with the vote taking place after 11pm.
  • Measure DD's "Ballot Statement" (see attached flyer here) was created by the City, with no input from the Initiative group.
  • Measure EE's "Ballot Statement" (see attached flyer above) was also created by the City, with full knowlege if the deceptive lop-sided appearance of the descriptions.
Please feel free to print and distribute the flyer in the pdf file above.

You may have seen the literature that the opposition to DD has created and sent out to the local public.  Please keep in mind that the anti-DD group has raised over $100,000 in monies to defeat DD, and over $50,000 of that has come from the California Association of Realtors (see flyer above).  These people and the City Council DO NOT want any public vote to threaten their high-density development plans.

Links for Rosemeade Documents above are here:

Vote YES on Measure 'DD', NO on Measure 'EE' !!

Prior News...

A New Initiative Has Come To Town !!

This new effort tries to give the public a voice in determining the population
density in their local neighborhoods.  Stay tuned for more information - and
what to expect from people who don't want to see this initiative succeed.


Be Sure To Vote Tuesday, March 6th !!

The following candidates are running for Office in Redondo Beach
in the elections being held on Tuesday, March 6th, 2007.  The following
information is presented as some known background about the candidates.
Any information believed to be innacurate should be reported to the webmaster
per the stated CORRECTION POLICY at the bottom of this page.

Important note when considering your vote on the candidates in general

Many candidates will fall all over themselves to gain your vote (and those of your friends and family).  They may make pie-in-the-sky promises, state lofty plans, or even deflect to accusations of others in office.  Some candidates are wonderful people before and after the election date, while some are wonderful only before.  Your best ability to assess a candidate is to:

  1. Talk to them directly before the election - They are more apt to give you "an audience".
  2. Ask direct questions on subject matters that are important to you - This is the only way to get a good assessment as to their position on issues that matter to you.
  3. Tell them you will hold them accountable - Indicate how you will let it be known if they cross their promises to you (letters to editor, telling friends, etc).

Candidates for Redondo Beach City Clerk
Sandy Forrest is the current City Clerk - and is not running for re-election
Please refer to the indicated smartvoter.org link for more information from and about the candidate

Eleanor Manzano
Eleanor's page at smartvoter.org

Eleanor Manzano

Served as the Redondo Beach City Accounting Manager for the last five years.  Owned her own accounting firm for 15 years prior to that.  She holds a degree in Computer Information Systems, and through her accounting firm, has worked with software programming staff and end users/customers.
Campaign website : http://www.vote4manzano.com

Kevin Sullivan
Kevin's page at smartvoter.org

Kevin Sullivan

Served as Redondo Beach District 2 Councilman during Heart of the City passage and referendum.  Supported Heart of the City program, and resigned his Council seat soon after other members of the Council voted to rescind the original Heart of the City passage.  Chris Cagle was elected to the vacant Council seat in a special election.  Founded Value Mortgage and Bayside Properties.
Campaign website : not known

Cindy Szerlip
Cindy's page at smartvoter.org

Cindy Szerlip

Wife of District 3 City Councilman Don Szerlip.  She has been openly critical of current City Clerk Sandy Forrest and her handling of some of the City Clerk duties.  Is an EA specializing in tax and audit manners, and a certified financial planner.
Campaign website : http://www.cindy4rbcityclerk.com


Candidates for Redondo Beach City Treasurer
Ernie O'Dell is the current City Treasurer - and is running for re-election
Please refer to the indicated smartvoter.org link for more information from and about the candidate

Ernie O'Dell
Ernie's page at smartvoter.org

Ernie O'Dell

Incumbant.  Has been City Treasurer for 3 concurrent terms up to the present.  Holds MBA, Certified Municipal Finance Administrator Credential, and received the Certified California Municipal Treasurer Award.  Also serves on the Finance Committe of the Beach Cities Health District, and is the Treasurer of the South Bay Cities Council of Governments.
Campaign website : http://www.ernieodell.com

Greg Hill
Greg's page at smartvoter.org

Greg Hill

Was Redondo Beach Mayor during Council approval then later recision of the Heart of the City program.  Presided over Council when it voted to award lifetime health benefits to elected officials of a minimum service.  Council under following Mayor Mike Gin then rescinded this award at the advice of the City Attorney.  2-term Mayor of Redondo Beach, 1-term City Councilman.  Has MBA from USC.
Campaign website: not known


Candidates for City Council District 3
Don Szerlip is the current District 3 Councilman - and is running for re-election
Please refer to the indicated smartvoter.org link for more information from and about the candidate

Don Szerlip
Don's page at smartvoter.org

Don Szerlip

Incumbant.  Husband of Cindy Szerlip, candidate for City Clerk.  Has been District 3 City Council member for 1 term.  Was focal point of City Attorney's recommendation that all City Officials not carry the customary 'Badge' after being cited for using his badge to intimidate a local resident.  Has Certificate in Business and Management from UCLA.  Occupation listed (with SmartVoter) as District 3 City Council member, Redondo Beach.
Campaign website : http://www.donszerlip4rbcitycouncil.us

Pat Aust
Pat's page at smartvoter.org

Pat Aust

Retired Redondo Beach Fire Chief.  Involved with a number of local organizations, including Beach Cities Health District (former Board President), Redondo Beach Citizens Corp Council on Emergency Preparedness, South Bay Medical Reserve Corp Steering Committee, South Bay Salvation Army Advisory Board, Redondo Beach Historical Society, Redondo Beach Roundtable.
Campaign website: not known

Candidates for City Council District 5 and School Board

We're sorry to not have the Candidates for District 5 and the School Board listed here at this time.

Please go to this link at SmartVoter.org: http://www.smartvoter.org/2007/03/06/ca/la/city.html and scroll down to the listings for the City of Redondo Beach Council candidates - about 3/4 of the way down the page.  This site has information about (and submitted by) the District 5 candidates, along with links to their campaign websites - if they have one.

Please go to this link at SmartVoter.org: http://www.smartvoter.org/2007/03/06/ca/la/school.html and scroll down to the Redondo Beach School Board candidate listings at the bottom of the page.  This site has information about (and submitted by) the School Board candidates, along with links to their campaign websites - if they have one.  Note that two (2) school board members will be elected.

We will meanwhile try to get information posted Monday evening for both District 5 and School Board candidates.


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